Exchange service has been close to a boon for the enterprise level of users. The server environment not only serves as a widespread communication platform but is also a great way to maintain easy data / information sharing amongst a fixed network domain. Another provision that was made along with the server was of offline working facility. The facility was made possible with the help of generating a cache replica of the mailbox on the user end. This facility enables users to work even when they are outside server environment and later on update the new content on the source mailbox on the server end. This way an interconnection between the server and users is always maintained to the extent that they are not dependent on a particular network. This segment however discusses about the benefits of availing OST to PST conversion free of cost, read more to find out why.

Choosing PST Over OST: Server Independence

As far as the benefits of Offline Storage Table file is concerned, OST files render a great deal of advantage to users. However, it is somehow restricted and bound to a particular environment due to the connectivity with Exchange Server environment. The offline storage is bound to the mailbox on the server end with an encryption, which restricts the file to synchronize with mailbox other than the one it belongs to. Therefore, there are certain limitations to the usage of OST files. They are dependent on the server and until synchronization; OST is a sole storage of the data created in it, which once lost is unrecoverable.

On the other hand, PST files are a binary storage repository for Outlook client – the Personal Information Manager. The usage of Outlook in server independent mode generates a PST type data file, i.e., Personal Storage Table. This file, unlike OST, is not dependable on a server environment. Moreover, it is independent of platform too as it can be opened/accessed on any version of Outlook with any account configuration. The file can be used as an orphaned file, on a different account than the one to which it belongs.

Therefore, PST files are much dependable and available at all times as compared to OST files, which leads to the requirement of converting and saving profile data as PST. The only possible way of converting OST free is limited to a certain conditions and circumstances, i.e. the file should not be an orphan or damaged.

How to Perform OST to PST Conversion Free?

An alternative to the requirement is to go for a third party application. However, being commercial programs, these utilities are not free but do have a freeware version that enables users to test the performance. You can examine the Free Outlook OST Converter product; convert but a limited number of items from OST to confirm the software abilities. Afterwards, the license can be purchased for a full-fledged experience. The best part is that the application is not a conversion centric tool and enables OST recovery mode for files that are in an orphan/corrupt state.

Source- http://www.convertost2pst.com/

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